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The flexible...

Prints quickly and quietly on all even and uneven areas, mobile or stationary. With the MP series of the jetStamp family, special surfaces such as metal and plastic can also be printed.


  • Number, date, time and text in one- and two-line prints
  • Fonts of narrow to wide (max. 20 characters per line, max. print width 42 mm)
  • Simple menu guidance through userfriendly LCD display
  • Various prints stored in the stamp
  • Up to 4 individual texts or special functions are possible
  • 25 different prints are stored in the system
  • On request, the 790 MP/792 MP is also deliverable with 10 freely programmable memory spaces. No stored prints.
  • Suitable for machine use, e.g. integration in production lines (jetStamp 792 MP)



Sample Prints

Pos. Sample Prints A ↕
Mod. 790 MP/792 MP-1 REINER_jetStamp-790-791-792-MP_Nr1 3.2 mm
Mod. 790 MP/792 MP-2 REINER_jetStamp-790-791-792-MP_Nr2 3.2 mm
Mod. 790 MP/792 MP-3 REINER_jetStamp-790-791-792-MP_Nr3 3.2 mm
Mod. 790 MP/792 MP-4 REINER_jetStamp-790-791-792-MP_Nr4 3.2 mm
Mod. 790 MP/792 MP-5 REINER_jetStamp-790-791-792-MP_Nr5 3.2 mm
Mod. 790 MP/792 MP-6 REINER_jetStamp-790-791-792-MP_Nr6 3.2 mm
Mod. 790 MP/792 MP-7 REINER_jetStamp-790-791-792-MP_Nr7 3.2 mm



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