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What are handheld inkjets? Small, portable devices that can be used for manually marking a range of products with simple text like best before dates, use by dates and batch numbers. Just as easily, some models are capable of marking logos and barcodes. The benefits are that unlike contact coding methods, these units spray the impression a short distance onto the surface of the materials, which means we can absorb a short distance and cope with uneven or curved surfaces, like the bottom of jars and cans which have a raised lip.

jetStamp 1025

Handheld inkjet printing of multiple passes of 25x85mm in freely adjustable layouts involving text, numbers, logos and barcodes on various materials sizes and shapes.

jetStamp 970

Hold in place and press “print” to print any combination of text, numbers, logos or barcodes on a range of materials, in up to 4 passes of 13x65mm.

jetStamp 990

Hold in place and press print to print 3mm text on 1 or 2 lines on a variety of products whether round, flat or uneven.

jetStamp Sense

Temperature measurement or barcode scanning and printing with this specialised version of the jetStamp 1025 Handheld Inkjet Marker.

speed-i-Jet 798

A simple and economical portable inkjet printing pen for convenient text and number printing in a 3mm font on absorbent materials like documents

Speed-i-Marker 940

Drag this inkjet marking gun along the surface to print generally larger, flat items with text, numbers, graphics and barcodes in 4 passes of 13×140

Flat, round, flexible or uneven. Cardboard, timber or fabric. Metal, plastic or glass. Handheld inkjet printers for every task.


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